Is 2021 the year to quit your life sciences job? ClinLab Staffing

At the end of 2019, we surveyed a group of Life Science Professionals and found that 40% of respondents said they’d be looking for a new job that year. Once COVID-19 hit, the world (and people’s willingness to take a gamble) took a sharp 180. The country went remote, nothing was guaranteed, and Biotech and Life Science companies expanded faster than ever as they raced to fill spots on their teams in order to balance their current workloads along with the testing and research needs associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the end of 2020, we surveyed another group of Life Science Professionals and found that only 25% of respondents said they’d be looking for a new job in 2021, and there could be multiple reasons why.

Firstly, instability naturally encourages people to search for, and hold onto, stability. In a time of great uncertainty, with groups of people involuntarily getting furloughed or being laid off, people in the life sciences industry were given a multitude of options in the workplace as companies were hiring as many hands as they could.

Secondly, the current market compensation is healthy with most companies being on the same playing field in the hopes of reducing turnover. With the industry leveling out and companies working hard to keep their staff happy while producing quality work, there isn’t much grass that looks greener on the other side. Companies worked so hard to fill the gaps left by the quick pivot to COVID-19 vaccine research and development that they’d be remiss to not do everything in their power to prevent that from happening again.

Finally, most people may simply be waiting to see how 2021 turns out. This year is young and there are no guarantees.

If, however, you have decided to make the jump into a new job this year, you’ll have options and we have tips for you.

Many biotech and life science companies have continued to hire throughout the start of the new year and plan on continuing to do so. COVID-19 vaccine (and the research, development, and innovation that came with it) aside, the life sciences industry continued to grow throughout the pandemic and where there’s growth, there are jobs.

Now, for the tips!

Tip #1 – Be sure to do your research into the policies of any potential employers before you start the interview process. With the advancement of work from home capabilities, many companies have created their own systems in regards to in-person and virtual office time.

Tip #2 –  Be flexible! Ask the questions you need, but consider all of the options you’re given as your timing could be perfect when you least expect it!

Tip #3 – Research your company in advance but also check the news the day before and day of your interview – things change fast! Today’s darling drug trial can be tomorrow’s hot mess – but it may be a mess you know how to solve!

Good Luck!

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