Congratulations to Zach West, One of Our 2020 “Rising Stars” ClinLab Staffing

Each year, we award the “Rising Star Award” to a top performer who has really grown and excelled in their position.  This year we saw so much talent that we had to choose more than one! The winners of this award have always been someone that management sees a lot of future potential in and many of the past winners remain top performers today.  Some of the attributes that exemplify what it means to be a “Rising Star” are a Positive Attitude, Leadership Skills, Teamwork, Hard-Work and Dedication.

We are proud to present a Rising Star award to Zach West, an account manger/scientific recruiter in our Mid-Atlantic Division. 

Zach joined ClinLab Staffing in 2018, coming from a background as an entrepreneur in masonry looking to expand into the field of sales. It didn’t take long for him to become one of the top recruiters. At the start of the pandemic Zach was promoted to an account manager role, focusing on a brand new territory in Maryland. We were all amazed to see his fierce determination at work building new client relationships in the midst of the uncertain pandemic. His proven success in the new territory allowed him to expand his team and we are so proud to continue to watch them grow.

Congratulations Zach on your Rising Star Achievement!