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Staff Profile: Andrew Tullo, Account Manager Clinical Operations

Andrew Tullo, Account Manager Clinical Operations Email: atullo@clinlabstaffing.comPhone: 508.907.6222LinkedIn: About Andrew: Specializing in the area of Clinical Research for CROs, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and Medical Device companies. Positions from entry level Clinical Trial Assistants, Clinical Research Associates to Associate Director and Director levels. What is the best thing about your job? Camaraderie and being able to help people find the best fit to achieve their goals. What makes you good at your job? I’m personable and genuinely care about the outcomes of my work. What do you do for fun? I like to golf, ski and play hockey. I am also a member of several clinical research networking groups and alumni associations.

Staff Profile: Ryan Penkala, Scientific Recruiter

Ryan Penkala, Scientific Recruiter Email: rpenkala@clinlabstaffing.comPhone: 508-907-6206LinkedIn:   About Ryan: Working at ClinLab Staffing I specialize in building relationships within the pre clinical sciences industry. I help place entry level to senior level scientific candidates, working in both permanent (direct hire) recruiting and temporary (contract, contract to hire) staffing. I work with candidates in research and development, manufacturing, quality control, and operations. What is the best thing about your job? I get a lot of satisfaction out of helping people. What makes you good at your job? I have a strong, focused work ethic and maintain high standards of customer satisfaction. What do you do for fun? I am a member of the Boston Young Professionals Association, I volunteer for the Special Olympics and enjoy going to the gym and local sports.

Staff Profile: Evan Lyman, Account Manager, Massachusetts

Evan Lyman, Account Manager Email: elyman@clinlabstaffing.comPhone: 508.907.6222LinkedIn: About Evan: I connect great people with amazing life science companies in the Massachusetts/New England area. If you need assistance finding top talent in this area or if you’re looking for a new position, please feel free to reach out to me! What is the best thing about your job? The people I work with. They are like a family to me. What makes you good at your job? My determination, positive attitude and hard work. What do you do for fun? Going for long runs, hitting bombs on the golf course, playing a little guitar, refereeing adult sports leagues & sometimes I enjoy some really terrible karaoke with friends.

Staff Profile: Rebecca Boese, Scientific Recruiter

Rebecca Boese, Scientific Recruiter Phone: 508.907.6222 
Connect on LinkedIn: About Rebecca: Working at ClinLab, I specialize in building relationships within Biotech, Medical Device and Pharmaceutical industries. I help place entry to senior level candidates, working in both permanent (direct hire) recruiting and temporary (contract, contract to hire) staffing. What is the best thing about your job? I love being able to see my hard work pay off. It’s the best feeling ever and it’s such a great motivator too. What makes you good at your job? I’m super competitive – especially with myself. What do you do for fun? Snowboarding, going to the beach, reading, hanging out with my family and friends.

Staff Profile: Matt Logano, Director Mid-Atlantic Division

Matt Logano, Director Mid-Atlantic Division Phone: 508.907.6222 
Connect on LinkedIn: About Matt: After graduating from the University of New Hampshire with his B.A. in Psychology in 2012, Matt joined ClinLab Staffing in November 2013. Matt started as an entry-level recruiter and through hard work, lots of caffeine and great guidance from his superiors, he helped establish the Massachusetts division as a top recruiting group in the area and is now leading recruiting efforts for our Mid-Atlantic division supporting the NJ, PA, DE, MD and VA markets. Matt prides himself on finding the best talent possible and matching them with top life science companies throughout the Mid-Atlantic states. What is the best thing about your job? I like helping people find their dream jobs, plus I get to work with companies to help grow their organizations and tackle the world’s health and wellness issues from behind the scenes. I may not be curing cancer myself but I’ll find the person that will have a hand in that! It’s also very rewarding to see the professional and personal growth of my team. What makes you good at your job? You can only get so much done in a day and there always seems to be more to do but if you put your head down you can accomplish a lot. I want my team to be successful and we’ll do our best to get fill the role together as a team. What do you do for fun? Traveling to new and exciting places, golfing, heading to the beach and exploring the culinary scene in the Boston area.

2022: A Great Time to Map Your Dream Career

The US could reach full employment in 2022. With a market full of opportunities, there is no better time to focus on mapping out your dream job and career path.It sounds straightforward but mapping a plan can help narrow your focus and yield unexpected benefits. Try our six career mapping steps to get started along with some tools we like. 1. Give yourself time to think Spend some time thinking about who you want to be in 5, 10 or even 20 years. Consider what you love, where you want to live, how much personal time you hope for and what kind of income you’d need to make that lifestyle possible. COVID has changed the job marketplace so if you can dream it up, your job is probably out there somewhere in an office, work from home or hybrid situation. 2. Personal SWOT your Strengths and Weaknesses A personal SWOT analysis to understand your strengths and weaknesses, and the opportunities and threats you face, so you can plan for career success. Once you’ve found some positions of interest, determine if your skill set is a good match. A great place to start is with a personal SWOT analysis. You can download the Personal SWOT Analysis Worksheet PDF here ( Once you’ve identified your skills, check compatibility for the path you are researching. Make a plan to reinforce your skills as needed. 3. Mind Map or Vision Board Ideas If you are like most people, creating a visual of your ideas can really help. Try using a free mind mapping software like EdrawMind (they have a free career mapping template here or check out LifeHacker’s “Build Your Career Master Plan with a Mind Map.” Do you hate working with online tools?  Creating a physical vision board is a great way to remind yourself of what you are aspiring to. Check out People At Heart Coaching’s tutorial on making a vision board. 4. Research Positions Once you’ve come up with some ideas, check the market to learn about what positions are in demand, pay rates, time investment, education and market trajectory. You don’t want to get into a role that will be extinct in 2 years. A trusted resource is the Occupational Outlook Handbook maintained by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: 5. Network A wonderful way to learn more about opportunities and the lifestyle of different professions is to reach out to people doing the job today, talk to hiring mangers or specialty recruiters. Connecting with people to learn more about jobs is one of the best ways to really understand a role with the added benefit that you are build connections and networking with people that can set help you later. A simple strategy to find people to network with is to scan your LinkedIn accounts for people you know, but don’t forget to tap your alumni associations, speak to recruiters or ask friends if they can introduce you to people who can help.   6. Try, Try, Try It Out There are several great ways to step in and learn about a job up close. If you have solid basic skills, you can shadow someone in a job or apply for an internship. Alternatively you can work with a company like ClinLab Staffing to try different short term contract roles. No matter what you choose, make the most of the unusual work climate that is unfolding. If you have the skills, the desire and a plan you can make big things happen in 2022 and ClinLab is here to help if you are looking for a new role within the Biotech, Medical Device and Pharmaceutical industries.