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About: Values

ClinLab: Core Values

Our core values guide us everyday.
They guide our work, our relationships, our decisions, and above all, our identity.

Solution Mentality – Is an individual that can accept the reality of a situation (good or bad), remove emotion, and proactively come up with a solution to achieve success. These people are usually creative, passionate, motivated by a challenge, problem solvers, and don’t view themselves as victims, but as the key to the solution.

Own It – Is a person that views themself as the common denominator in one’s successes and in one’s failures. These people are usually great leaders, highly focused, unshakable, and most importantly hold themselves and teammates accountable.

Choose to win – Is a person with a relentless work ethic, especially when faced with adversity. Someone that understands there is no progress without some struggle. People who encompass this core value are assertive, persistent, grinders that push through tough times and take pride in their performance.

Check your ego at the door – A people that understand the concept that what benefits the team will ultimately benefit the individual. These people are team players, unselfish, loyal, coachable, caring, and avoid unnecessary drama, gossip, & office politics.

Ever to Excel – Can be defined as someone that is always looking to achieve more and push the limits of their abilities. These people are forward thinking, competitive, motivated, assertive, and are never or rarely satisfied.

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