Consider This Before Accepting a Management Position

Assuming a management role can be daunting. You may be an expert in your field and possess a full grasp of operations. You may have an impressive overall understanding of the business. But managing people demands a particular skill set that you may not yet have mined.

4 Points to Consider Before Moving Up the Corporate Ladder and Accepting a Management Position

  • Responsibility. The majority of your time may be spent organizing and guiding others. You will need to delegate as many tasks as you can, including those that you enjoy most. You will have to manage all aspects of a project, not just those under your purview, to ensure deadlines are met. You will have to juggle your time and chase up many individuals.
  • Do you like people? So many managers are put in a position where they have to influence, motivate, and lead people. This requires a love of others and an innate ability to connect with them. If you doubt your abilities in this area, your time as a manager may be difficult and met with resistance when you need collaboration.
  • Conflict. Ensuring effective operations requires overcoming interpersonal conflict and correcting behavior. The scale of this management task can depend on the organizational culture. Take an objective look at the firm and decide if it is one that is headed in the right direction or one best avoided. Can you be fair, and are you ready to handle myriad personalities with the associated conflicts that inevitably occur?
  • Work Style. Are you happier working independently? This may be the biggest indicator of your suitability for management. If the answer is “yes,” you will likely learn to hate having to solve so many of everyone else’s problems. The majority of successful managers are extroverts and enjoy working with others.

Assuming a management role should be considered a change in career. It should receive the same consideration as any other career move. In some cases, management is a vocation and individuals are naturally effective leaders. In others, the additional compensation that a management role may provide is not worth the struggle.


Looking for a Career Change in 2014?

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