Staff Profile: Matt Logano, Director Mid-Atlantic Division ClinLab Staffing
Matt Logano, Director Mid-Atlantic Division

About Matt: After graduating from the University of New Hampshire with his B.A. in Psychology in 2012, Matt joined ClinLab Staffing in November 2013. Matt started as an entry-level recruiter and through hard work, lots of caffeine and great guidance from his superiors, he helped establish the Massachusetts division as a top recruiting group in the area and is now leading recruiting efforts for our Mid-Atlantic division supporting the NJ, PA, DE, MD and VA markets. Matt prides himself on finding the best talent possible and matching them with top life science companies throughout the Mid-Atlantic states.

What is the best thing about your job? I like helping people find their dream jobs, plus I get to work with companies to help grow their organizations and tackle the world’s health and wellness issues from behind the scenes. I may not be curing cancer myself but I’ll find the person that will have a hand in that! It’s also very rewarding to see the professional and personal growth of my team.

What makes you good at your job? You can only get so much done in a day and there always seems to be more to do but if you put your head down you can accomplish a lot. I want my team to be successful and we’ll do our best to get fill the role together as a team.

What do you do for fun? Traveling to new and exciting places, golfing, heading to the beach and exploring the culinary scene in the Boston area.