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New York and New Jersey are two of the largest and most dynamic regions in the US, with a thriving business and research community. The life sciences industry is an important part of this community, with numerous pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies operating in the area. These companies rely on a skilled and knowledgeable workforce to drive their research, development, and commercial operations.

ClinLab Staffing operates six specialized geographical support teams, one of which is based in Newark, New Jersey. Our Newark team is dedicated to sourcing top-tier candidates and staffing solutions for life science, pharmaceutical, and biotech companies within the vibrant Greater New York and New Jersey biotech cluster, as well as the surrounding area.

A Focus on the New York & New Jersey Life Science Cluster

New York and New Jersey are widely acknowledged as major forces in the life sciences industry, both in the US and globally. Boasting a robust business environment and a highly competent workforce, the region has become a center for some of the most prominent researchers and biotech firms in the world.

The life sciences industry in New York and New Jersey is not just limited to biotech companies; it also encompasses pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, and research institutions. The strong partnership between these groups has helped to create a dynamic and thriving ecosystem.

One of the key features that sets New York and New Jersey apart from other life sciences clusters is the area’s focus on innovation and entrepreneurship. The region is home to numerous top-notch research institutions and businesses, and it continues to attract investment and funding for new startups.

The state government has also plays a significant role in supporting the life sciences industry. The area has made substantial investments in infrastructure and resources, which has helped to attract top talent and create an environment that fosters innovation and collaboration.

Another major strength of the life sciences industry in New York and New Jersey is the presence of a highly educated and competent workforce. The area’s universities and colleges produce a large number of graduates in life sciences-related fields, providing a steady stream of well-qualified professionals for the industry.

The thriving entrepreneurial spirit in New York and New Jersey also plays a crucial role in the success of the life sciences industry. The area is home to numerous successful biotech companies and continues to attract venture capital and investment for new startups.

Overall, the life sciences industry in New York and New Jersey is a crucial driver of economic growth and job creation. With its focus on innovation and entrepreneurship, supportive government policies, and highly skilled workforce, the area is a top destination for companies in the life sciences industry.

From our Newark New Jersey location, ClinLab Staffing provides candidates and staff for life science, pharma and biotech companies in New York and New Jersey. Our experienced life science staffing team serves companies from all over the region.

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