The Next 2022 Life Science Conferences ClinLab Staffing

If you have a life science speciality, 2022 has a conference for you. Many conferences still have virtual options but if you are itching for a trip, check out this list!

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ASQ World Conference on Quality & Improvement

At the ASQ World Conference on Quality & Improvement, you’ll learn from other professionals about best practices in leadership and diversity/equity/inclusion, how a quality management system can improve your ability to adhere to regulatory compliance, advances in software, and a lot more.
When: May 15-18, 2022
Where: Anaheim, CA or Virtual

The Biochemistry Global Summit

The summit program covers a broad spectrum of timely topics in the fields of molecular life sciences, ranging from fundamental subjects and approaches to applied research with impact on human well-being and technological development, bringing together top scientists from all over the world in a true “global summit”,a label reflecting its diversity, quality and modernity.

Where: Lisbon, Portugal
When: 9-14th July 2022

AAPS 2022 Annual Meeting and Exposition

Founded in 1986, the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) is a professional, scientific organization of approximately 7,000 individual members and over 10,000 active stakeholders employed in academia, industry, government, and other global pharmaceutical science-related research institutes.

Where: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
When: October 16-19, 2022

Neuroscience 2022

Each year, scientists from around the world congregate to discover new ideas, share their research, and experience the best the field has to offer. Attend so you can: present research, network with scientists, attend session and events, and browse the exhibit hall.

Where: San Diego, USA
When: 12-16th November 2022

Cell Bio 2022

Cell Bio 2022, the joint meeting of the American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB) and European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO), will showcase a diverse global community of the brightest minds in cell biology in person, December 2-7, 2022, in Washington, DC.

Where: Washington DC, USA

When: 3rd-7th December 2022