Jim McKeever, Chief Strategy Officer | ClinLab Staffing

Jim McKeever, Chief Strategy Officer

Jim started his staffing career in 2006, when he started as an Entry Level Recruiter with ClinLab Staffing. After quickly establishing himself as one of the top recruiters in his group, he was promoted to an Account Management role in 2007.

Jim’s drive and attention to detail helped grow ClinLab into one of the leading preclinical scientific firms in New England – and helped move him into the role of Group Manager in 2009, and then Director in 2012. His experience and skills with account management, recruiting and leadership have paved the way for him to master the task of managing ClinLab Staffing in both the preclinical and clinical areas. He is currently looking to take the next step in his career by growing ClinLab in other states.

Massachusetts Office
T: 508.907.6222