Hot Life Science Job Titles of 2022 ClinLab Staffing

The job titles that rose to the top of our placement list this year!

ClinLab Staffing places thousands of life science employees every year, making it one of the top Life Science, Molecular Diagnostics, Laboratory, and Medical Device placement firms in the United States. Each year we comb through our roles to highlight the top jobs of the year and identify emerging trends to benefit our partner companies and the talent we recruit.

Although life science is highly competitive, there are many opportunities. That said, the ideal job varies from person to person, but the best jobs pay well and are in demand.

The most in-demand verticals for jobs include molecular biologists, biochemists, geneticists, microbiologists, cell biologists, immunologists, virologists, and pathologists, but data management jobs have seen a rise this year.

Our list of the best biotech jobs of 2022 will help you plan your 2023 life science hiring strategy.


  1. Production Technician
  2. Lab Operations Specialist
  3. Laboratory Technician
  4. Manufacturing Technician
  5. Research Scientist
  6. Senior Clinical Data Manager*
  7. Supply Chain Associate
  8. QC Analyst
  9. Material Handler
  10. Accessioning Technician
  11. Clinical Documentation Specialist*
  12. Research Associate


What new in Life Science Titles?

The year 2022 saw an increase in job opportunities for professionals in project management, data handling, and process management space. Continuing a trend that is rooted prior to the COVID era with the rise of Electronic medical records (EMRs), electronic health records (EHRs), Health and Clinical Research Informatics (CRI), it has become essential that organizations keep up with the changes brought about by newer technologies and management paradigms in order to remain competitive.

Of note we saw two roles rise to the top of the hot hires list in 2022, Clinical Data Manager and Clinical Documentation Specialist.

Clinical Data Manager

It is the responsibility of a clinical data manager to collect data from a variety of research projects, such as clinical trials and pharmaceutical trials. Together, they ensure that data is collected, managed, and reported in a clear, accurate, and secure manner.

Clinical Documentation Specialist

Professionals working as Clinical Documentation Specialists (CDSs) or Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialists (CDIs) support vital clinical documentation measures operations. They provide clinical evaluation and record documentation in accordance with the organization’s clinical documentation policies and procedures.


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