Coronavirus (Covid-19) Impact on US Scientific Staffing Resources ClinLab Staffing

As U.S. businesses brace and prepare for the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, ClinLab Staffing is working with biotech and pharma companies to create backup plans and strategize for emergency biotech labor in anticipation of work product shortages due to interruptions in foreign CRO, lab and technical availability.

coronavirus impact on US scientific staffThe impact of COVID-19 is beginning to extend into the American Biotech space as the outbreak expands into the new regions. Executives say they face both increases in their labor requirements and service shortages in general but as reliance on Chinese contract research organizations strategies falter, companies face real capacity challenges to meet deadlines and goals.

C&EN recently reported on challenges faced by Massachusetts biotech startups who rely on Chinese contract research organizations (CROs) — the virus impact in China is forcing these companies to build in backup strategies and employ alternate service providers as well as engaging companies like ClinLab staffing to bring temporary contract CRO services in-house.

While the exact consequences of COVID-19 are difficult to predict, recent disruptions in the supply chain, as well as fragility in the financial markets, are causing many organizations to plan for labor supply issues due to quarantine procedures or illness. On top of supply chain concern, the possibility of travel restrictions to certain areas may cause businesses to seek alternative sources of supply.

If your biotech, lab, or drug development and discovery organization is facing staffing challenges, please contact us at ClinLab Staffing 508.907.6222 to work with one of our knowledgeable specialists to help keep your company on time, on target, and ready to handle the potential staffing and work product shortages.