Alison Borelli, Manager of Operations | ClinLab Staffing

Alison Borelli, Manager of Operations


Alison started her career with ClinLab Staffing in 2011.  After graduating from Nichols College with a degree in Business Administration in 2010, she was working as a waitress and passively job seeking, unsure of what she wanted to do now that she had to enter the “real world.”

She was initially hired by ClinLab as a part-time Office Assistant, but her organization, drive, and ability to pick up on new tasks quickly allowed her to take on more responsibility.  As time went on, she advanced her career to her present position and became a critical member of the team.  The growth that Alison has achieved is a prime example of the opportunity for a career path that ClinLab gives to its employees.

Massachusetts Office
T: 508.907.6222