2022 Biotech/Life Science Job Titles (so far!) ClinLab Staffing
The past few years have changed the life science employment landscape radically. In the fields of biology, bioinformatics, genomics, proteomics, synthetic biology, environmental science, public health, data modeling, bioengineering, and other areas of focus, we are seeing big shifts in job titles and staffing placements. We’re a bit early, but with the level of change we’re seeing in major companies, we pulled our list of 2022 Biotech/Life Science Job Titles out of sheer curiosity – and we’re seeing a lot of change since 2020 Job Titles list was published!

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2020 Biotech and Life Science Job Titles

·         Accessioning Technician
·         Accessioning Technologist
·         Analytical Research Associate
·         Analytical Scientist
·         Cell PD Scientist
·         Chemistry Production Technician
·         Clinical Documentation Specialist
·         Clinical Lab Technician
·         Clinical Research Associate
·         Clinical Research Budget Analyst
·         Clinical Research Coordinator
·         Compound Management Associate
·         Contract Drug Safety Case Manager
·         Contract Senior CTM
·         Controlled Environment Associate
·         CTS Analyst
·         Director Medical Safety / PV
·         Fermentation Lab Assistant
·         Fulfillment Technician
·         In Vivo Research Associate
·         Lab Attendant
·         Lab Coordinator
·         Lab Operations Coordinator
·         Lab Support Technician
·         Lab Technician
·         Logistics Coordinator
·         Maintenance & Facilities Technician
·         Manufacturing Associate
·         Manufacturing Chemist
·         Manufacturing Technician
·         Material Handler
·         Medical Scribe
·         Medical Writing & QC Reviewer Contractor
·         Microbiology Technician
·         Molecular Lab Associate
·         Molecular Laboratory Technician
·         Problem Resolution Associate
·         Process Development Technician
·         Production Technician
·         Project Controls Specialist
·         Project Manager Drug Safety
·         Project Manager, Quality Systems
·         Protein Research Associate

·         QC Associate
·         QC Chemist
·         QC Project Manager
·         Quality Assurance Technician
·         Quality Control Inspector
·         Quality Engineer
·         RA/Senior RA, Process Development (Cell Therapy-Hematology)
·         Regulatory Operations Contractor
·         Research Associate
·         Research Associate Analytical Chemistry
·         Research Scientist
·         Scientist
·         Smoke Lab Technician
·         Sr. Clinical Trial Associate
·         Supply Chain Associate
·         Trait Testing Associate