Why Hire Temporary Employees? Here Are 6 Great Reasons ClinLab Staffing

While there is no denying the upsides of committed, long-term employees, many companies can also benefit from short-term employees, also known as “temps”. While some businesses might be initially weary about considering this type of hire, the reality is that temps can be an excellent choice for a number of situations.

So exactly when is hiring a short-term employee in a company’s best interest? Here are 6 advantages to hiring a temp:

  1. Solve for unexpected turnover, long-term leave or a special project: temps are an excellent solution when a company experiences staffing shifts. For example, temporary hires can save the day if / when a number of employees leave at once (let’s be realistic—we all know that when it rains, it pours), there are extended absences like maternity leaves or medical issues, or special projects that require the full attention of one or more of your permanent team members. Temps can not only help keep day-to-day operations going without too many hiccups, but also alleviate stress on the human resources (HR) department to make fast decisions and hire too quickly.
  2. Save time by not having to screen candidates and manage candidate relationships: speaking of HR, working with a temp agency can free up time in a big way for this department. While agencies charge a fee, they also do the legwork when it comes to screening, interviewing and relationship management. This greatly expedites the hiring process and remember, just because the hire starts in a temporary role doesn’t mean you can’t eventually make them a permanent part of the team.
  3. Eliminate the urgency to immediately fill a position and in turn, avoid a hiring faux pas: one of the huge benefits of temps is not having to make a long-term commitment. Your management team will have time to evaluate if the new addition brings the right dynamic to the table. Also, most temps are hungry for a permanent role and in turn are eager to contribute at a high level.
  4. Give clients access to new skills and perspectives: You always want what’s best for the client, but it might be surprising to hear that temp employees offer value to not only your internal team, but externally as well. Welcoming new ideas and fresh points of view to a seasoned team has the ability to inspire managers, long-term employees and clients alike.
  5. Save in the short-term by not having to offer company benefits, workers compensation or health insurance: ClinLab handles benefits for temporary staff so you don’t have to. There is no denying that contracted roles provide basic cost savings to your bottom line. While offering some benefits is a nice way to motivate temps (as well as boost their job happiness), the larger expenditures are kept at bay during the non-commitment phase, which is an undeniable plus.
  6. Alleviate stress for your permanent team members: it’s true that managing the dynamic between temp and perm employees can be tricky, but having more help always boosts spirits. Temps help ensure burnout, mandatory overtime and a loss of work-life balance don’t occur, all of which everyone will be grateful for.

If you’re considering hiring temp employees, always examine the landscape of your business. Being aware of the benefits, as well as the potential growing pains is a crucial part of the process. Work closely with your management team, permanent employees and HR department to come up with the right plan for success.