When Is It Time To Hire Temporary Life Science Staff? ClinLab Staffing
In the Life Sciences space, there is no denying the upsides of committed, long-term employees, but many companies can also benefit from short-term employees as well. Temporary life science staff can be an excellent choice in a number of situations. So exactly when is hiring a short-term employee in a company’s best interest? Here are 5 situations where temporary staff can make a lot of sense.


1. Get Extra Lab & Office Hands

Get an extra set of hands when you need them: businesses often have natural ebbs and flows, and temps can be a great way to supplement your staff during peak times. For example, if you’re in a research cycle, you might need additional lab staff, but preparing for clinical trial may require different employee strengths. Short term, expert staffing can help.

2. Test New Roles

Test out new positions before making them permanent: sometimes it’s hard to know if a new position is truly necessary—or if it will even work within your company culture—until it’s actually up and running. In these cases, hiring a temp allows you to “try before you buy” by giving someone else a chance to prove that the role is valuable (and worth making permanent). And if it turns out that the position isn’t quite what you were hoping for? No problem! You can simply let the temp go at the end of their assignment without any hard feelings (or having wasted time and money onboarding / training for a role that wasn’t ultimately needed).

3. Get Help & Expertise Fast

If you’re in need of a quick hire, working with a staffing agency can be a great way to save time and energy. While there is an up-front cost associated with using an agency, they will handle all the screening, interviewing, and relationship management for you. This can help expedite the hiring process and free up your HR team to focus on other tasks. Additionally, temps are often eager to prove themselves in hopes of being offered a permanent role down the road. So not only can you take your time in making sure they’re the right fit for your team, but they’ll also likely go above and beyond while they’re with you.

4. Give Your Life Science Team Fresh Perspectives

Clients often come to us looking for ways to access new skills and perspectives. While it may seem counterintuitive, temp employees can actually offer a lot of value to both your internal team and your clients. Temp employees can help inspire managers, long-term employees, and clients with their fresh ideas and perspective.

5. We Handle HR & Benefits

You can save in the short-term by not having to offer company benefits, workers compensation, or health insurance—ClinLab takes care of all that for our temporary staff members.
If you’re considering hiring temp employees, examine the landscape of your business. Being aware of the benefits, as well as the potential growing pains is a crucial part of the process. ClinLab Staffing can work closely with your management team, permanent employees and HR department to come up with the right plan for success.