Senior Research Associate | ClinLab Staffing

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Optimize editing, growth and expansion of T lymphocytes.
  • Generate novel genetic edits and immuno-phenotype and functionally characterize the resulting lymphocyte populations.
  • Design and implement cloning strategies to construct plasmids for the production of mRNA and protein reagents used in primary lymphocytes.
  • Implement novel and established assays to assess large-scale genomic rearrangements and off-target effects of base editing technologies.
  • Design and execute DNA/RNA purification and quantification assays (qPCR, ddPCR and RNA-seq).


  • BS/MS in cell biology, immunology, molecular biology or related discipline with 2+ years’ experience in immunology.
  • Experience culturing primary T lymphocytes is required. Experience culturing iPS cells is a plus.
  • Experience in flow cytometry and immuno-phenotyping, including surface and intracellular staining.
  • Experience using emerging technologies such as high-throughput sequencing and droplet digital PCR.
  • Strong experience in immunostaining and flow cytometry.
  • Plasmid cloning experience is a big plus
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