Applying for a Job? Why is Your Resume Ending up in the Trash?
Your resume should serve a primary purpose. To communicate to the hiring manager that you are the right person for the job. The two key components of that goal are communicating and selling. Forbes recently interviewed recruiters to discover why a resume might be thrown out. Here are the responses and some tips to ensure that your resume remains at the top of the pile.
  • You fail to meet the job requirements. You cannot convince a hiring manager or recruiter that you are the right person for the job if you don’t understand what skills the employer is seeking. Study the job description and research the firm. Tailor your resume to reflect the key traits that they require and eliminate other non-essential information. Deliver a clear, unequivocal message. Highlight your suitability in the cover letter and eliminate everything else. The interview is the time to elaborate on your additional skills and experience.
  • You fail to connect. Target your resume. To connect, you must show that you understand the company, its culture, and that you will assimilate quickly. Link your experience with company initiatives. This requires a knowledge of the company and tailoring your resume and cover letter. Show that your past experience is relevant to company activities and differentiate yourself from the competition. Add some personality and humor if you think it appropriate for that particular company.
  • No attention to detail. Communicate clearly and without error. Follow the job posting instructions to the letter, and ensure no spelling or grammatical errors. Ensure that you use the same job title that the company advertised including any job numbers. Design your resume so that it is uncluttered and attractive to the eye. Choose an appropriate font; add embellishments but limit them and include your LinkedIn profile address.
 Following these guidelines and ensure that the employer understands that you meet the job requirements and will fit with the company culture. Communicate the fundamental information that is required to advance your application and reflect your knowledge of the company. The next stage in the hiring process, the interview, is your opportunity to impress and to elaborate on the information that you have provided.
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