In 2020 Research & Laboratory Tech Jobs Still on the Rise ClinLab Staffing

Research in the field of biology and medicine has seen much growth in recent years. With such growth comes the need for assistance in laboratories. These assistants, known as Biological Technicians, aid in laboratory processes such as tests and experiments. Working alongside scientists, Biological Technicians are an essential part to the advancement of scientific research.

Most jobs in this field require that biological technicians understand the lab equipment and technologies of the laboratory in which they work. Job functions include sterilizing lab and experiment equipment. They could also assist researchers by observing and taking notes during tests and experiments. Because the job includes the usage of specific software and data analytics, applicants who have previous experience in labs—either through coursework or work experience—are greatly valued. Depending on the field, some technicians might be responsible for or expected to collect samples pertaining to that field, such as zoology and wildlife biology. From zoology to pharmaceuticals, from public to private, every field of biological and medical research needs biological technicians.

The greater demand for biological research is accompanied by a greater demand for assistants.  The employment numbers for this field are projected to increase by 10% from 2016 to 2026. Compared to the average for all occupations at 7% growth, the field of Biological Technicians holds many opportunities for employment seekers. Additionally, a PhD or medical degree is not required to become a Biological Technician, as the education level needed for most people to enter this field is a Bachelor’s degree.

This industry offers an opportunity for assistants to immerse themselves in biological and medicinal research. Most jobs in biological research are full-time positions with regular hours. As a full-time position, biological technicians can make a sustainable wage in many of the top industries. Such industries include Pharmaceutical and Medicine Manufacturing; Research and Development in the Physical, Engineering, and Life Sciences; Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools (state, local, and private); Hospitals (state, local, and private); and the federal government.

The top 5 biological companies in the U.S. are Amgen, Gilead Sciences, Norvo Nordisk, Biogen, and CSL—all of which have experienced growth in recent years. Most of these companies, along with many other biological and medical research companies, have offices and job opportunities in the New England area. If you have any interest and/or experience in the field of biological and medical research, a biological technician employment path might be right for you. Search jobs or apply here.