Evan Lyman, Massachusetts Division Account Manager | ClinLab Staffing

Evan Lyman, Massachusetts Division Account Manager

Evan joined ClinLab Staffing in January 2018, coming from the golf industry, and worked under one of the top Account Managers in the firm. In his first year, Evan learned the fundamental skills and worked hard to become one of the top recruiters in his class. In April 2019, Evan was given the opportunity to join the Massachusetts team as an Account manager, and continues to use his high positive energy to build relationships with new clients, and provide them with the best candidates in the area. Evan uses his determination, and positive attitude to work hard in becoming a successful recruiter in Massachusetts, and help build the company he enjoys being part of.

Evan graduated from UConn in 2017 with a BS in Economics and Turfgrass and Soil Science, and is proud to call himself a Husky Forever. Living in Boston for over 2 years, and enjoys going for long runs, hitting bombs on the golf course, playing a little guitar, and watching the Red Sox break his heart.

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