Can Your Hiring Process Afford to Wait for Other Applicants?

The answer depends on the particular company and the market circumstances. If a company is hiring for the long-term, then there may be no urgency to fill a position. If the skills are required right away, delay in hiring could affect the bottom line. Similarly, trends in the labor market are a factor. According to the Department of Labor, the unemployment rate for the hospitality sector decreased by almost two percent between March and April of 2014; if you are considering hiring a hospitality professional, I would not wait.

A reputable staffing firm can inform you of the environmental factors that could influence your decision. They could also advise you of the likelihood of finding another candidate. Perhaps your approach to hiring lacks precision. A staffing firm can help you to pinpoint exactly what skills you require and to craft a suitable job description that will attract better candidates.

Three Points to Consider:

  • Estimate the cost of a job not done. Is the lack of human resources affecting the bottom line? Perhaps other staff can assume additional responsibilities temporarily if motivation is provided. The additional cost of waiting now may well be less that the cost of a bad hire later.
  • Be flexible. Analyze what is lacking in the current candidate pool. No candidate will be perfect, but some factors are more crucial to the decision than others. A bad fit in terms of corporate culture is a deal breaker because the employee will never be comfortable. However, a level of inexperience can be overcome by additional training or mentoring.
  • You may risk losing a good candidate, if you delay. However, the option of a temporary hire to fill a skills gap is always a possibility. Another option is to hire the candidate on a trial basis to assure both parties of an optimal decision. Don’t rush into a hiring decision.

Toni Bowers of Tech Republic reports on hiring manager behavior that can reflect poorly on the organization. Popular complaints involve managers that waste candidates’ time or delay in informing them of a hiring decision. How you treat candidates will affect your reputation as an employer.

Looking to Hire in 2014?

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